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Welcome to WoW Health where we connect motivated patients to quality healthcare providers, free from vagaries and restrictions of insurance plans. No more contracts, no claims, no billing, no ERAs--just guaranteed payments for the service you provide, all without any documentation requirements--you document what is best for patient care, not for reimbursement.

WoW Health allows you to set your services and prices with your availability. Patients make appointment and you get paid, guaranteed...without having to file any claims, and performing the whole encounter on our friendly mobile app. With our comprehensive network of service providers, you can order diagnostic tests and medications for your patients all with price transparency to improve compliance and to streamline care. WoW platform gives you full access to patients' records so you can coordinate care with all providers, no matter where they work. With our ever growing suite of services, you can meet your patients however you choose, in-person, via video, or text...setting a price that you deem appropriate.

Now with WoW, you can practice medicine the way you intended to...by providing transparency and focusing on the patient, not clerical work. Get fairly compensated for the care you provide, not how well you can navigate insurance forms.

Provide great care and find the joy in doing your life's work...cut out the hassles of insurance market. Refer other healthcare providers to WoW Health, and help us grow the network of excellence in care and spreading good!!

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