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We are a Marketplace,

providing you direct access to doctors for your healthcare needs!

You or your employer can buy Emergency & Hospital Coverage through one of our vendor partners at a fraction of the traditional insurance cost--you pay discounted prices with full transparency and only for services that you need.

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About Us
About Us

We are a team of visionaries, healthcare providers, and engineers who believe that healthcare should be controlled by the patient and the doctor. This is why we believe that patients make the best decisions for their health when they are empowered with information–choices of whom to see, when to see, and the cost of their care. We also know that doctors waste too much time with clerical work as opposed to just caring for their patients.

At WoW Health, we are not an insurance plan–we are a marketplace that allows healthcare providers to list their services with transparent pricing. Our vendor partners offer ACA compliant programs that allow patients and employers to obtain coverage for Emergency and Hospital coverage. Now the patient can easily make an appointment, pay for their care, and have control over their health…all at a fraction of the “list” price.

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