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Welcome to WoW Health, a platform that connects high quality healthcare providers to motivated patients, free from the limitations of traditional health insurance. Simply register via our secure app, search for healthcare providers with displayed cost of services, and make an appointment. With our comprehensive network, you have access to doctors, medications, labs, radiology, surgical services, and our ever growing line of services. We can not control insurance costs but we can connect you directly to the healthcare providers so everyone can save money and time. WoW empowers you to have price transparency and access to your health records.

As an example, a 50-year old adult with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can obtain their care for less than $40 per month which includes 2 doctor visits per year, 5 of the most commonly prescribed medications for the listed conditions, and labs twice a year. That is less than your monthly phone bill!!

WoW Health also offers two distinct programs to cover complex or intensive care (emergency, inpatient, cancer care, major surgical procedures, etc.) for those members that may desire more services than the value of “cash price” healthcare marketplace. First is an employer sponsored health plan that pays every member for any healthcare obtained on the WoW platform so the member can obtain his/her care at no personal cost. Second program is available to all members directly through the WoW app for purchase as a monthly plan to cover Major Medical care AND contribute pre-tax monies to an HSA account, which never expires and can grow like a retirement account. This option is over 50% less than a traditional bronze plan on the traditional insurance market.

Learn more about Medical Cost Sharing Plan.

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