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Medical Cost Sharing Program

The revolutionary Medical Cost Sharing Program on WoW Health fully explained in four videos and only 14 minutes...come join the WoW Health Family!

Introduction to Medical Cost Sharing & WoW Care Plan

The medical cost sharing program on WoW Health is the best way to have assistance with major medical expenses, and also have the transparency of the cost of your healthcare. Watch this first of the four part series to learn more.

Medical Cost Sharing

You get the best price and quickest access when you pay “cash” for your healthcare services. Watch this second of the four part series to learn how to be part of a community that shares in your expenses for major medical events like hospitalization or cancer care.

Preventive Services & HSA

Learn about the benefits of having a HSA account, how to invest your pre-tax monies so it grows like a retirement account, and then use it tax-free for eligible expenses. This third of the four part series will inform you of the only triple tax benefit program known as HSA.

Overview & Enrollment

The freedom to control your health program, have the transparency of your healthcare costs, and the assistance to make the best choices...this is what the Medical Cost Sharing Program on WoW Health brings to our communities. This last video of the four part series explains how to join the revolution and become part of the WoW family, and take control of your healthcare!