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Welcome to WoW Health, where we allow you to address the #1 concern of your employees...their healthcare. We want to empower you to bring the best compensation packages for your employees which go beyond the usual insurance plans, and yet leave your employees responsible for outrageous out-of-pocket costs.

We directly connect your employees to outpatient healthcare providers via our comprehensive network of doctors, labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and ever growing line of services. This allows your employees to obtain their care at a fraction of the cost. For example, a 50-year old person with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can see their doctor twice a year, obtain 5 of the most commonly prescribed medications for the listed conditions and get their labs done for less than $40 per month. This is the power of free market healthcare with price transparency and competition to provide the most cost effective and quality healthcare. For any emergency or hospital care, we offer two plans--Medical Cost Sharing Plan, and a full-service self funded Insurance Plan.

As an employer, the ACA compliant Medical Cost Sharing Plan gives you the ability to bring a healthcare benefit, and allows the flexibility of contributing funds for your employees into their tax-sheltered HSA accounts. Instead of having to sink large costs in premiums, you may elect to give your employees $10 or $50 weekly into their HSA accounts which is actual usable money from the first dollar onwards that goes a lot further in the “cash” marketplace. And if your employee has any complex or intensive care needs (emergency, inpatient, oncology, major surgical procedures, etc.), they have the Medical Cost Sharing Plan to take care of those expenses--and all of this at over 50% savings compared to bronze plans.

The ACA compliant full-service self-funded plan gives your employees HRA funds for outpatient care which they use like “cash” in the marketplace, leveraging the savings. And for any Emergency and Hospital based care, your employees have an insurance plan to protect them. Ours is a Platinum rated plan that saves you over 30% compared to bronze plans. Your employees have zero out of pocket to participate, and now you can truly provide a benefit that meets your IRS obligation for providing healthcare benefits, especially if you have over 50 employees.

Use WoW to reward your employees, and provide meaningful healthcare that can help with employee retention and workplace morale. Refer other employers to WoW Health, and be a source of spreading good!!